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Challenging 1st Referral

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I was very uncertain on what to expect for my first referral. Now reflecting on the process thus far, I would say the client was somewhat more challenging for my first referral than others. Challenges that arose throughout this case included: Difficulty getting in touch with the client Attendance to sessions Lack of willing attitude […]

Victim Awareness; Strength-Based

What is the Victim Awareness Hub? The Victim Awareness; Strength-Based Hub is an online programme that uses Restorative Justice Principles to increases knowledge and understanding about  the impact of behaviour on others, and improve perspective-taking skills. What makes this hub Strength-Based? Use of Language that is non-judgemental and empowering Focuses on the strengths and qualities […]

Adolescent Parental Violence (APV)

RSMS are pleased to announce that we have developed and are piloting a new Adolescent Parental Violence (AVP) programme alongside Cambridge Police in recognition of the urgent need for a resource which takes a holistic approach to violence within the family unit. Research taken in to consideration includes recent Home Office Guidance on APV, Holes in […]

Hate Crime Pilot

RSMS are working in collaboration with Cambridgeshire County Council and Cambridgeshire Constabulary to develop and implement a Hate Crime Behavioural Insights Trial. The aim of this project is to change the motivations and behaviours of Hate Crime perpetrators, reduce public sector demand linked to Hate Crime, and increase confidence in reporting Hate Crime and Hate […]

Impact of Crime

What is the Impact of Crime Hub? This programme provides an online structured CBT programme to support individuals to: Develop knowledge of the Criminal Justice System Increases understanding around how and why individuals may become involved in crime, and the impact of this on others Equip individuals with the tools needed to challenge and change negative […]

Alcohol Awareness; Strength-Based

What is the Alcohol Awareness; Strength-Based Hub? The Alcohol Awareness; Strength-Based Hub develops your knowledge on the problems around alcohol, it increases your understanding of the impact alcohol misuse can have and it teaches you skills to address alcohol misuse and learn relapse prevention strategies. What makes this hub strength-based? Use of Language that is […]

Building Relationships Virtually

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Being confronted with challenging behaviour is difficult at the best of times. When all contact is virtual, it becomes even more problematic. Where I have been able to use my body language, facial expressions, eye contact or gestures to be able to manage difficult situations in the past, I am resigned to words alone. The […]

Working with children in the Criminal Justice System

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I stumbled into working for London Probation Area, (as it was then called) in 2002. I studied law at university but had always been interested in what motivates people and psychology. I saw the Probation Service as an interesting combination of criminal law and human behaviour. Since then, I have managed a caseload, presented breaches […]