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What we do

Red Snapper Managed Services (RSMS) currently deliver the Out of Court Disposal Service to Bedfordshire Police (previously ran by YouTurn Futures). RSMS also provide a separate Referral and Support Service for those that have offended or those that are supporting someone who has offended (including friends, family or professionals) with advice, guidance and information relating to rehabilitation and interventions.

What is an Out of Court Disposal?

Bedfordshire Police may issue an Out of Court Disposal to adults over 18 who have committed a minor offence. The aim is to avoid taking individuals to Court and instead direct individuals to complete interventions which can help them make better decisions in future and address the underlying causes of the problematic behaviour. This can also often be the best outcome for the victim who can be reassured that the perpetrator is engaging in a service which helps them not only understand the impact of their behaviour but also helps them change it. As part of an Out of Court Disposal, you may be issued with either a Conditional Caution or Community Resolution, both involve referral to our service where we will work with you to establish an action plan which will detail the interventions which will meet your needs and reduce the likelihood of further offending.

What might my plan look like and how will it be delivered?

When you are referred by Bedfordshire Police, an RSMS caseworker will contact you to introduce themselves and arrange a time to discuss your needs and build your personalised action plan. This could cover areas such as; Addiction (alcohol and drug misuse), Anger Management, Homelessness/Accommodation, Education and Employment, Relationships and Victim Awareness. We will also consider Restorative Justice options. Your caseworker will guide you through the applicable interventions and support with referral to other partnership agencies where appropriate. The appointments can take place virtually (online) or face to face depending on your circumstances. Once you have attended all appointments and completed the disposal your caseworker will notify the Bedfordshire Police Force who will mark the Out of Court Disposal as completed.

What happens if I don’t engage or comply with my Out of Court Disposal?

If you have been given a Conditional Caution and not complied you may be returned to Court for the original offence. If you have been given a Community Resolution and not complied you will not be taken to Court but you will not be eligible for another in the future.

I am a friend/family member of someone who has offended and would like support or guidance OR I am an individual that has offended but would like to self-refer for additional support (note this is not for those who are already subject to an OoCD)

You can self-refer to our ‘Referral and Support’ Service. This is available to adults over 18 who are residents of Bedfordshire or are supporting a resident of Bedfordshire. RSMS caseworkers can offer advice and signposting in relation to issues such as accommodation, health, finances, mental health and well-being, addiction, fraud, cyber crime, gang culture, youth services, employment options and relationships.

I am a professional working with an individual who has offended

You can also self-refer to our ‘Referral and Support’ Service for guidance on how to work with individuals to address their difficulties or to obtain further information on any of the above issues.

I am a victim of an offence and would like more information

If you are a victim or a friend/family member of a victim whose perpetrator has received an OoCD, you can contact us here. Whether you want more information on what OoCDs involve, want to leave feedback regarding the process or want to know what Victim Services can provide support, get in touch via the link below

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If you are a professional who is working with a Service User and would like support, guidance or advice, please submit a request below.
If you would like help and support with your offending behaviour OR if you are a friend or family member who would like help and guidance to support someone with their offending, please self-refer to our ‘Referral and Support’ Service below. 
To find out more about our courses and see what impact these have on the individuals that complete them, go to our website

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Our team are available to address any inquiries or concerns. Email us today by clicking below,

If you are a Bedfordshire Police Officer who would like to know more about the referral process, please contact your OoCD coordinator at conditionalcaution@beds.police.uk  

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