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Evidence & Impact

RSMS assists Central and Local Government, Regulatory Bodies and Criminal Justice agencies by providing investigation, enforcement, offender intervention and community safety services. Our cost efficient solutions have been developed to manage the responsibilities and functions from our client’s workflow; either in-full or on a task-by-task basis, to provide a high quality outcome within an agreed timescale and cost. Our team continuously monitor the current and emerging business needs of our clients to ensure that our on-call capacity matches the requirements of each sector; this allows us to deploy our services at both speed and volume.


CCTV Viewing - Bedford Borough Council

As part of their investigation into sales of illicit tobacco, BBC had seized a CCTV hard drive and had it forensically analysed. This produced a high volume of CCTV footage which BBC required support in reviewing.

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Statement Taking - City of London

Red Snapper Managed Services was awarded a contract to deliver a National Fraud Investigation Consultancy service to the City of London Police – Economic Crime Directorate (ECD).

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Safeguarding - Lawn Tennis Association

 The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) commissioned an independent Safeguarding inquiry which comprised of a review of their internal conduct and operations.


Test Purchasing - Thurrock

 A Test Purchase (TP) is when an undercover operative is sent to attempt a purchase of illicit goods, in order to gather evidence and intelligence.


Operation Satchel - West Midlands Police

 West Midlands Police (WMP) engaged Red Snapper Group (RSG) to obtain up to 80 statements in a proof of concept initiative.


Investigation Support - Trading Standards

In mid-2019, Slough Borough Council (SBC) determined it was necessary to bring in a community safety team to assist in patrolling a local.