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Intervention Consultancy and RSMS have Merged

The Red Snapper Group has strengthened its managed services offering through the merger of two of its core brands; Intervention Consultancy (IC) has joined Red Snapper Managed Services (RSMS) to form Red Snapper Managed Services | Criminal Justice.

As part of the merger, Intervention Consultancy brings with it ‘The Intervention Hub’, a digital intervention platform based upon Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CCBT), with 17 unique hubs that address different types of offending behaviour.

RSMS is a market leader in providing full outsource services to the law enforcement sector; this merger complements the RSMS service line by allowing RSMS | Criminal Justice to increase its footprint into the offender management and digital intervention space.

The merger brings Intervention Consultancy fully under the Red Snapper Group (RSG) brand umbrella, allowing customers to benefit when engaging with the groups expansive portfolio of services within the criminal justice sector.

Jonathan Hussey, creator and founder of Intervention Consultancy – and now appointed Operations Director of RSMS | Offender Rehabilitation – had this to say:

“We are very excited to be merging with RSMS. The reasons for this full merger is to allow the legacy IC business further develop its offender intervention service offering. This includes both a face to face service supported by our unique platform the Intervention Hub and a digital only service.

The newly enhanced RSMS will help to grow the legacy IC business by utilising its people, systems and digital infrastructure to offer innovative and high quality services to the offender interventions market.”

Darren Bradley, Operations Director of RSMS, had this to say about the expansion to the service offering of RSMS:

“I am delighted with the merge, the Intervention Hub enhances our services across our entire portfolio, bringing further value adds which strengthen the overall quality and will undoubtedly lead to more positive outcomes on our projects.

We continue to innovate in the markets we operate within, the Intervention Hub enables development of niche ideas which achieve success.”

To find out more about the enhanced service line from Red Snapper Managed Services | Criminal Justice, please click here.

To find out more information about the Intervention Hub and the unique interventions it can provide, please visit: www.digitalintervention.co.uk

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