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Managed Services

We provide a wide range of rehabilitative interventions helping individuals re-build their lives. Aimed at promoting a positive change, our programmes equip individuals with the required skill-set, knowledge, and support.

All our facilitators have at least 4 years experience of working within the criminal justice sector and have been trained in assessing and monitoring risk, managing caseloads, and delivering evidence-based interventions. 

Our Managed Services

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Immediate Justice

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Out of Court Disposals

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Community Safety Wardens and Specialist Diversionary Workers

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Domestic Abuse Prevention Programme (DAPP)

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Immediate Justice

As part of the Government’s Anti-Social Behaviour Action Plan, the Home Office has initiated the Immediate Justice programme to deliver “swift and visible justice” to individuals engaging in antisocial behaviour. In collaboration with Red Snapper Managed Services, this programme is now operational nationwide in partnership with several police forces.

Programme Overview

The Immediate Justice programme targets individuals responsible for antisocial behaviour towards specific victims or the broader community. Within 48 hours of referral, these individuals are required to participate in unpaid community service activities. These activities include supporting local charities, food banks, improving public play areas, removing graffiti, pruning trees or bushes, and other community-beneficial tasks. The aim is to provide immediate, visible reparation for their actions.


1. Deterrence: To deter antisocial behaviour by ensuring swift and visible consequences, reducing the likelihood of further criminal activity.

2. Community Involvement: To empower victims and community members by involving them in the decision-making process regarding appropriate punishments.


Red Snapper Managed Services partners with local organisations and statutory partners to identify impactful community service placements. Safety is our top priority, with all individuals undergoing thorough physical and psychological risk assessments before placement. Each activity is supervised to ensure adherence to high standards and health and safety regulations.

Reporting and Feedback

Service users are required to complete up to 14 hours of community service, monitored and documented by Immediate Justice Supervisors. Non-compliance results in referral back to the police. Feedback from service users and the community is actively sought to continually improve the programme.

Out of Court Disposals

Red Snapper Managed Services offers the Out of Court Disposals project, which provides CBT-based interventions to individuals issued with a Community Resolution or Conditional Caution by the police.

Programme Features

1. Assessment: Service users’ criminogenic risks and needs are assessed to tailor appropriate interventions.

2. Intervention Hub: Access to online CBT-based courses covering substance misuse, consequential thinking, and emotional management.

3. Support: Facilitators guide service users through their interventions, employing motivational interviewing techniques to encourage positive change.

Early Intervention

This project also focuses on early intervention for at-risk individuals, connecting them with local support agencies and providing comprehensive, multidisciplinary support to prevent future offending.

Community Engagement

We conduct workshops for young people on healthy relationships and emotional management to foster safer communities.

Community Safety Wardens And Specialist Diversionary Workers

Red Snapper Managed Services has partnered with the Police and Crime Commissioner to enhance public safety and address antisocial behaviour through our Community Safety Wardens and Specialist Diversionary Workers.

Roles and Responsibilities

Community Safety Wardens: Provide a visible, reassuring presence, engaging with the public and local businesses to gather intelligence and address concerns.

Specialist Diversionary Workers: Address the root causes of antisocial behaviour, offering support and referrals to appropriate services.


These roles work together to deter antisocial behaviour, reduce crime, and enhance community confidence by actively engaging with the public and supporting vulnerable individuals.

Domestic Abuse Prevention Programme (DAPP)

Funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner, the Domestic Abuse Prevention Programme (DAPP) aims to break the cycle of domestic abuse by addressing abusive behaviours and promoting healthy relationships.

Programme Structure

1. Eligibility: Individuals referred by police or social services, or those who self-refer.

2. Approach: A combination of psychoeducational resources and CBT/DBT skills in a supportive, non-judgmental environment.

3. Delivery: 1:1 sessions for high-risk individuals and group sessions for medium-risk individuals.


DAPP includes nine 1.5-hour modules covering topics such as healthy relationships, managing emotions, assertive communication, and problem-solving. Participants receive access to an online workbook and additional interventions through our Interventions Hub.


Post-programme reports assess behavioural change, with outcomes categorised as Positive, Neutral, or Negative based on the participant’s progress. Feedback from service users is collected to refine and improve the programme.

Red Snapper Managed Services is committed to delivering effective, visible justice and support to create safer, more resilient communities.

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