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Police Oracle ‘BluePrint’ campaign gathers pace

The team at Police Oracle, the UK’s largest provider of police news and information and part of the Red Snapper Group, have been rewarded for their perseverance and tenacity.

Police Oracle launched the ‘BluePrint’ campaign back in 2017, accusing Theresa May’s government of failing to meet its obligation of protecting police officers both in the job and when they have been forced out of the service because of physical injuries or mental trauma. They have since diligently lobbied government and other stakeholders to make the case.

Last week Tatton MP Esther McVey threw her support behind the campaign when she vowed to work with Police Oracle, the Fed and the UK’s new Prime Minister to see a Police Covenant introduced “swiftly”.

It seeks to emulate the successful and popular Armed Forces Covenant which has been in place for over a decade.

The Police Federation of England and Wales has worked alongside Police Oracle to get the initiative this far. Chairman John Apter said: “Together with Police Oracle, the Federation is spearheading a campaign to establish a Police Covenant which enshrines the welfare of police officers in law. We are looking for Parliamentary support to give formal recognition to the unique position that police officers hold. I welcome this support and would add my voice to seek a commitment from both Prime Minister candidates to support a policing covenant.

“Our members continue to face unprecedented times with fewer police numbers, increased demand including rising violent crime, and reduced capacity to deal with those crimes. This has exacted a huge toll on officer welfare with increasing numbers not only being assaulted on duty but also suffering from mental health issues arising from the demanding nature of the job. It’s time to seek further guarantees and protections for our dedicated officers and we see a Police Covenant as an important step in achieving this.”

Former work and pensions secretary Esther McVey MP, said: “I look forward to working with the Police Federation, Police Oracle through its BluePrint campaign and with the next Prime Minister to bring it into force swiftly.

“The Police Covenant will show our commitment and gratitude to the Police for what they do and it will support them once they have left the service.  There is no better way of showing that we, as a society, value their tireless service to our communities.”

This is a significant milestone in a long and hard-fought campaign from the Police Oracle team and one that will hopefully lead to consideration for legal statute in the coming months.

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