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Red Snapper Managed Services celebrates its fifth birthday!

This Autumn RSMS celebrates its fifth anniversary.

The business was launched with the goal of taking a new approach to providing out tasking and outsource services to the public safety sector.

The provision of business process outsource services to the sector was nothing new when we launched.  Lincolnshire Police had outsourced large parts of its back office functions; now taken back in house.  Custody management was a business area many police services had outsourced and continue to do so to this day.

The commercial forensic services sector is now a mature market with many law enforcement organisations using a blended model of utilising both in and out house resources.

RSMS believed there was an opportunity to provide a people-plus-digital out sourcing service to provide increased investigation and criminal justice capacity for law enforcement organisations.

Our mission was to provide a ‘sympathetic’ service type.  To operate with a deep understanding of the sector’s pain points and what the art of the possible looked like in terms of providing value adding cost effective services.

The ultimate responsibility of the sector is to keep the public safe.  It operates in a highly secure environment and manages complex, high risk work.

We understood the sector would need to trust us.  We would need to work collaboratively with our customers; setting clear expectations and demonstrating where efficiency gains were.  Transparency has been key.  Openness about our returns and ensuring they are reasonable and fair has been critical to winning trust.

Five years on from our launch RSMS has 47 contracts with 31 law enforcement organisations.

Our service portfolio is wide ranging from safeguarding improvement and development, professional standards investigation support, investigation support services, the provision of offender interventions for out of court disposals and people on probation, perpetrator domestic abuse interventions and immediate justice services.

We’re passionate about the sector.  Across the next five years our mission is to develop further; to become a critical part of the sector’s capabilities.

We’ve begun the next step of our journey.  We are currently providing seven social value programmes such as delivering healthy sexual relationship talks to school children and providing support for law enforcement professionals who are looking to transition to careers outside of the sector.

Looking to the future, Jonathan Hussey the Intervention Service Director stated,

‘We believe a large part of our job is to be proactive in terms of understanding and responding to new and emerging operational and strategic needs.’ In line with this commitment, RSMS believes in addressing evolving areas within law enforcement, such as funding focused towards domestic abuse programs and supporting police with the new two-tier framework. For instance, we have provided domestic abuse programs in Cambridge and versatile programs for Out of Court Disposals in Devon and Cornwall. Our ultimate goal is to extend our support to all UK police forces in some capacity, aligning with their evolving needs and requirements.”

Commenting on the five year journey, Darren Bradley the Investigation Support Services Director stated,

‘Our first project in 2018 was the full management of a statement taking project on behalf of West Midlands Police.  WMP required over a thousand statements to be taken from professional witnesses relating to a complex CSE case.  When requiring additional capacity the standard response had been to engage agency workers.  I remember thinking we could manage this project and deliver it at pace and to the correct quality levels without any management input from WMP.  To their credit they trusted us and the rest, as they say, is history!  Five years on, I am very proud that we’ve been trusted to manage law enforcement projects in full such as the retrieval and review of CCTV right through to strategic and tactical planning of many investigations over the last 5 years.’

Fittingly in our fifth year the business has reached the £5m mark in terms of turn over.

The business has two divisions.  Interventions and Investigations.

To find out more contract;

Darren Bradley | Investigation Services Operations Director darren.bradley@rsg.ltd

Jonathan Hussey | Interventions Services Operations Director jonathan.hussey@rsg.ltd

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