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What is the Avatar Hub?

The Avatar Hub is an online 3D virtual reality programme that helps users improve their consequential thinking and perspective taking.


How does it work?

Our programmes have been carefully designed to cater for all learning styles. We achieved this by including into our programmes:

  • Virtual Reality technology
  • Audio bars for those with reading difficulties
  • Visual content such as videos and diagrams
  • Written instructions
  • Case examples
  • Skills practice
  • Downloadable content.

Please note this functionality is only available on a Desktop PC


How effective are the programmes?

RSMS are the only company that have tested CCBT based approaches with an offender population in England and the Isle of Man.  To date our average results have been:

  • 71% showed a positive change in pre and post questionnaire scoring (measuring change in thinking and attitudes)
  • 78% of users would recommend it
  • 73% of users report that they found it useful.


What happens when you finish the programme?

When the user finishes the programme, a post programme report, This is sent to the email address that has been provided.  This will also include all the information input into the programme.

At the end of the programme, the user will also be able to download a certificate of completion and access all the worksheets from all the sessions for a period of 6 months (from the point of completion).



“This is a great programme and one that I feel would benefit our inmates immensely. By them accessing this programme I feel it would give our inmates the following:

  • A greater chance of retention
  • They can see the scenario play out
  • They have a visual reference
  • A better understanding of how the choices they have made, were not necessarily the right ones
  • An option to replay the scenario with different actions/reactions
  • Interactive gameplay, most will have at some stage been on a PlayStation and played a real-time game and therefore be familiar with this format
  • Real-time feedback
  • Improves Problem Solving

Jennifer Cook
Prison Officer – Interventions
Resettlement Department
Isle of Man Prison and Probation Service

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