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Digital Interventions

RSMS hosts the largest number of digital evidence-based interventions that address problematic behaviour through our unique digital platform – The Intervention Hub.

The Intervention Hub utilises Computerised Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CCBT) and is both strength-based and trauma-informed. Our programmes can be used on a self-help basis or with a professional guiding them through. The interventions are suitable for all learning styles, can be accessed in any language and is available on any internet-enabled device.

To date, we have achieved a 71-76% positive outcome rate in terms of changing thinking and attitudes and a rate of 85-90% positive Service User feedback.

All our customers benefit from:

  • Dedicated contract managers
  • Monthly management reports evidencing outcomes
  • Post programme reports for all Service Users which identify learning
  • 24/7 helpdesk

Users  are also able to download a PDF summary of the new skill that they can use outside of the session.

By empowering users with new information and skills, our aims are to: teach, prompt discussion, clarify problems, develop new skills including problem solving, consider need for further more intense support and address offending behaviour.

All programmes can be accessed as either a self-help tool or with a professional to guide users. To find out more, select any of the programmes listed below.

Our Model of Change


The user is presented with multi-modal information to help develop an awareness of the subject matter.


Reinforces and assesses understanding whilst also helping practitioners identify any areas of concern or development

New Skills

The user is offered a number of problem solving strategies and skills to make sustainable changes.

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