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Streamlining Law Enforcement: Unlocking Efficiency with Red Snapper Managed Services

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In the dynamic world of law enforcement, the demands on police agencies and organisations are continually evolving. Today, more than ever, law enforcement leaders are seeking innovative ways to optimise their operations, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency. That’s where Red Snapper Managed Services comes into play. The Changing Landscape of Law Enforcement Law enforcement agencies […]

Why do people commit crimes?

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Why do people commit crimes? Offending behavior is a complex area and one that is influenced by a number of factors. This includes: Biological Psychological Social Environmental In this short article, I will explore these factors as it is my view that developing our understanding in these areas will help us develop effective strategies to […]

Victims and Crime – Know your rights!


All victims of crime have the right to receive support and assistance. The government has established a national code of practice for victim support services, which sets out the standards of support that victims of crime should expect to receive. These standards ensure that the effects of crime on victims are acknowledged and dealt with in […]

National Hate Crime Conference 2023- A Reflection


It was inspiring and thought-provoking to listen to the guest speakers at the recent National Hate Crime Conference in Newcastle last week. As an organisation that has developed and currently delivers interventions for perpetrators of Hate Crime, we were keen to hear from the leading experts. Here are a few of our reflections. Early Intervention […]

Challenging 1st Referral

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I was very uncertain on what to expect for my first referral. Now reflecting on the process thus far, I would say the client was somewhat more challenging for my first referral than others. Challenges that arose throughout this case included: Difficulty getting in touch with the client Attendance to sessions Lack of willing attitude […]

Building Relationships Virtually

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Being confronted with challenging behaviour is difficult at the best of times. When all contact is virtual, it becomes even more problematic. Where I have been able to use my body language, facial expressions, eye contact or gestures to be able to manage difficult situations in the past, I am resigned to words alone. The […]

Working with children in the Criminal Justice System

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I stumbled into working for London Probation Area, (as it was then called) in 2002. I studied law at university but had always been interested in what motivates people and psychology. I saw the Probation Service as an interesting combination of criminal law and human behaviour. Since then, I have managed a caseload, presented breaches […]