Challenging 1st Referral

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I was very uncertain on what to expect for my first referral. Now reflecting on the process thus far, I would say the client was somewhat more challenging for my first referral than others. Challenges that arose throughout this case included: Difficulty getting in touch with the client Attendance to sessions Lack of willing attitude […]

Building Relationships Virtually

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Being confronted with challenging behaviour is difficult at the best of times. When all contact is virtual, it becomes even more problematic. Where I have been able to use my body language, facial expressions, eye contact or gestures to be able to manage difficult situations in the past, I am resigned to words alone. The […]

Working with children in the Criminal Justice System

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I stumbled into working for London Probation Area, (as it was then called) in 2002. I studied law at university but had always been interested in what motivates people and psychology. I saw the Probation Service as an interesting combination of criminal law and human behaviour. Since then, I have managed a caseload, presented breaches […]