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Cocaine Awareness

What is the Cocaine Awareness Hub?

This programme provides an online structured CBT programme to support individuals to:

  • Develop knowledge about cocaine and the impact of use
  • Increase their understanding of cocaine use and motivates individuals to change
  • Learn the tools needed to desist from cocaine use.


How does it work?

Our programmes have been carefully designed to cater for all learning styles. We achieved this by including into our programmes:

  • Audio bars for those with reading difficulties
  • Visual content such as videos and diagrams
  • Written instructions
  • Case examples
  • Skills practice
  • Downloadable content.


What topics does it cover?

Our Cocaine Awareness programme covers:

  • Facts about cocaine use
  • Cocaine and health impacts
  • Understanding my use
  • Costs and benefits of change
  • Strengths and personal goals
  • Planning for the future
  • Well-being and safety tips
  • Relapse prevention
  • Impulsivity and decision making
  • Coping with triggers and cravings.


Does this Hub offer any more support?

In addition to a structured programme outlined above, users can also access:

  • 24 hours a day email support service
  • Useful Videos
  • Downloadable content including exercises and information.


How effective are the programmes?

RSMS are the only company that have tested CCBT based approaches with an offender population in England and the Isle of Man.  To date our average results have been:

  • 71% showed a positive change in pre and post questionnaire scoring (measuring change in thinking and attitudes)
  • 78% of users would recommend it
  • 73% of users report that they found it useful.


What happens when you finish the programme?

When the user finishes the programme, a post programme report measuring any changes is sent to the email address that has been provided.  This will also include all the information input into the programme.

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