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RSG Continues to Maintain the CPD of its Blue Light Contractor Staff

Red Snapper Group (RSG) are the market leading supplier of specialist contingent labour to the blue light and broader investigation and enforcement work sectors.

RSG manages a database of police professionals across a number of disciplines from Intelligence Analysts, Statement Takers and Investigation Officers.

RSG understands the immediate value to not only its own business but to the public’s safety of developing the skill sets of agency staff within the working Police community.

Leading by example

With over 15 years in the investigation and enforcement work sectors Red Snapper has grown from strength to strength. Promoting a culture where sector and skills specific knowledge is central to the delivery of staffing services RSG recruitment consultants manage permanent and contingent staff for over 35 law enforcement agencies in the UK this year alone.

With the RSG network of agency workers standing at over 8,000 in 2018, providing careers support to that community is of strategic advantage.

Martin Jerrold, Managing Director says: 

“Our (agency) staff gather evidence, interview witnesses and suspects and collect and interpret intelligence amongst a myriad of other tasks which form the basis of criminal investigation work.  

They deliver business critical outcomes for our law enforcement customers. It is therefore vital we help maintain their skills and expertise to ensure they are job ready.”

This month saw the release of RSG’s most recent training initiative – an online course setting out the recent update to PACE.

What are the PACE updates?

The Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) has been revised in 2018 by the Home Office with four code amendments relating to the practice for the detention, treatment and questioning of any persons by Police Officers.

Updates to Code C relate to the questioning and treatment of subjects, notably those who have admitted or are displaying vulnerable behaviours.

Updates to Code E and F relate to the adoption of audio and video recordings whilst interviewing witnesses and suspects.

Updates to Code H relate to terrorism matters.

How does this effect blue light and enforcement professionals?

The updates to PACE must be actioned by law enforcement personnel as soon as practicable, according to the Act.

PACE must also be a freely available resource available at police stations for consultation by police staff, detained persons and members of the public.

This is why RSG has made every reasonable effort to compile the key updates to the Act and distribute a learning resource for its contingent staff. Currently RSG has around 600 live placements of contracted enforcement staff in roles throughout the UK.

If you are interested to hear about how RSG can support your force with police professionals get in contact with one of our consultants today to discuss your 2019 hiring needs here.

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