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Why do people commit crimes?

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Why do people commit crimes? Offending behavior is a complex area and one that is influenced by a number of factors. This includes: Biological Psychological Social Environmental In this short article, I will explore these factors as it is my view that developing our understanding in these areas will help us develop effective strategies to […]

Victims and Crime – Know your rights!


All victims of crime have the right to receive support and assistance. The government has established a national code of practice for victim support services, which sets out the standards of support that victims of crime should expect to receive. These standards ensure that the effects of crime on victims are acknowledged and dealt with in […]

National Hate Crime Conference 2023- A Reflection


It was inspiring and thought-provoking to listen to the guest speakers at the recent National Hate Crime Conference in Newcastle last week. As an organisation that has developed and currently delivers interventions for perpetrators of Hate Crime, we were keen to hear from the leading experts. Here are a few of our reflections. Early Intervention […]

5 tips for working with those in the Criminal Justice System

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In recent years, Red Snapper Managed Services (RSMS) have expanded their services from providing digital interventions to including face-to-face programmes for Young People and adults. We have developed the following five tips for professionals working with people in the Criminal Justice System. Be Collaborative Within the Criminal Justice System, those that have offended will be […]

Guernsey Intervention Hub

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Red Snapper Managed Services (RSMS) is pleased to announce that we will be working with Guernsey Probation Serviceto pilot over 30 digital evidence based interventions – The Intervention Hub  (www.intervention-hub.com) to address offending behaviour. To find out more about this service please contact either: Jonathan Hussey, Operational Director, Red Snapper Managed Services,  jonathan.hussey@rsg.ltd This exciting new […]

Victim Awareness; Strength-Based

What is the Victim Awareness Hub? The Victim Awareness; Strength-Based Hub is an online programme that uses Restorative Justice Principles to increases knowledge and understanding about  the impact of behaviour on others, and improve perspective-taking skills. What makes this hub Strength-Based? Use of Language that is non-judgemental and empowering Focuses on the strengths and qualities […]

Adolescent Parental Violence (APV)

RSMS are pleased to announce that we have developed and are piloting a new Adolescent Parental Violence (AVP) programme alongside Cambridge Police in recognition of the urgent need for a resource which takes a holistic approach to violence within the family unit. Research taken in to consideration includes recent Home Office Guidance on APV, Holes in […]

Hate Crime Pilot

RSMS are working in collaboration with Cambridgeshire County Council and Cambridgeshire Constabulary to develop and implement a Hate Crime Behavioural Insights Trial. The aim of this project is to change the motivations and behaviours of Hate Crime perpetrators, reduce public sector demand linked to Hate Crime, and increase confidence in reporting Hate Crime and Hate […]

Impact of Crime

What is the Impact of Crime Hub? This programme provides an online structured CBT programme to support individuals to: Develop knowledge of the Criminal Justice System Increases understanding around how and why individuals may become involved in crime, and the impact of this on others Equip individuals with the tools needed to challenge and change negative […]

Alcohol Awareness; Strength-Based

What is the Alcohol Awareness; Strength-Based Hub? The Alcohol Awareness; Strength-Based Hub develops your knowledge on the problems around alcohol, it increases your understanding of the impact alcohol misuse can have and it teaches you skills to address alcohol misuse and learn relapse prevention strategies. What makes this hub strength-based? Use of Language that is […]